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Blackfin JTAG console: no output in u-boot and in Linux Kernel

Question asked by thesilent on Mar 19, 2012
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I've a problem configuring the JTAG CONSOLE feature of U-boot and Linux kernel: I'm obtaining no output in both modes.

I have followed with attention all the guides in , expecially these:


I'm using gnICE+ JTAG Adapter, which I think is well configured because I'm using for debug purposes the couple gdb<->gdbproxy without any problem. Gdbproxy creates correctly the two ports on the host linux PC:


> bfin-gdbproxy bfin

Remote proxy for GDB, v0.7.2, Copyright (C) 1999 Quality Quorum Inc.

MSP430 adaption Copyright (C) 2002 Chris Liechti and Steve Underwood

Blackfin adaption Copyright (C) 2008 Analog Devices, Inc.


GDBproxy comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details

use `--warranty' option. This is Open Source software. You are

welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. Use the

'--copying' option for details.


Found USB cable: gnICE+

Connected to libftdi driver.

IR length: 5

Chain length: 1

Device Id: 00100010011111101000000011001011 (0x227E80CB)

  Manufacturer: Analog Devices, Inc. (0x0CB)

  Part(0):      BF518 (0x27E8)

  Stepping:     2

  Filename:     /opt/blackfin-toolchain-2010/bfin-uclinux/bin/../share/urjtag/analog/bf518/bf518

warning:   bfin: no board selected, BF518 is detected

notice:    bfin: jc: waiting on TCP port 2001

notice:    bfin: jc:  (you must connect GDB before using jtag console)

notice:    bfin-gdbproxy: waiting on TCP port 2000



I'm using these toolset:

GNU Toolchain: 2010R1-RC4

U-boot: 2010.06 (ADI-2010R1-RC2)

uClinu-dist: 2010R1, Nov. 17, 2010


JTAG Console output on host: jtagconsole helper, netcat and telnet: no one works.



Thank you for your help!