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Isolated CAN with ADM3053 and ground wire

Question asked by MadID on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by ConalW

Dear tech support,

in our products we are using ADM3053 ICs because of their compactness and ease of use.


I'm confused with Figure 32 in the datasheet where bus connector is depicted without a ground wire connection. Is this correct?

To be very specific: do we need to use a cable with a special conductor for ground connection between different CAN transceivers?


This is how we think it should be done: All CAN nodes have to be isolated except for one. This one provides the single-ground (earth) connection for the whole bus. Ground wire is carried along with the twisted pair to each node. No ground loop is created.


Looking forward to your answer. Feel free to provide references to some literature.


Thank you,

Ivan Dodig

Design engineer