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Problems with I2S output signal under uClinux

Question asked by Luciano on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2012 by sonic

Good morning,

I have began to write a sample application that uses Sport1 driver in I2S mode on blackfin bf518 with uClinux.

I have succesfully opened the device, I have configured it (master mode), and I can write some data on the interface with  "write" function but output data that I can see on oscilloscope, are strange:



at data line (DT1PRI) I can see my data but after they are finished, interface continues to operate for about 1ms.

The strange thing is that if I insert two times "write" funtion in my app., I can't see data continuously..

For example if I transmit 32bit + 32 bit I don't see 64 byte together but I see first 32 bit, 1 ms of nothing and after the last 32 bit. what I do wrong?



thank you in advance