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Hibernate and Restore - EE-Note 334

Question asked by nick0mg on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by jobo23

Hello, I am attempting to port EE Note 334, which Restores after Hibernate to BF526 and have a couple of questions which I hope someone can help with. I have been working with the BF533_EZKIT_Hibernation_Example project.


-The Notes describes saving L1 Instruction Memory to SDRAM, from 0xFFA00000 to 0x04000 by MemDMA. I have looked through the code and can't see how this happens.  The only DMA activity is saving L1 Data Bank A (0xFF800000) to 0x0C000, and L1 Data Bank B (0xFF900000) to 0x14000.  Can you anyone help explain how the L1 Instruction Memory is saved to SDRAM and then restored?


From the Notre;

"L1 Instruction Memory (0xFFA00000) - 0x04000 - MemDMA"

"L1 Data Bank A (0xFF800000) - 0x0C000 - MemDMA"

"L1 Data Bank B (0xFF900000) - 0x14000 - MemDMA"

"Scratchpad (0xFFB00000) - 0x1C000 - Core R/W"



-The memory maps between BF533 and BF526 are different. In BF533 the init_code is loaded into the upper area of "Code SRAM & SRAM / cache" (64K)  0xFFA09000 to 0xFFA13FFF.  The BF526 doesn't have this area, can you suggest where the init_code should be loaded?

Maybe Code SRAM / cache : 0xFFA10000 - 0XFFA13FFF?



0xFFA10000 - 0xFFA13FFF  Code SRAM / cache (16K)

0xFFA00000 - 0xFFA0FFFF  Code SRAM (64K)



0xFFA10000 - 0XFFA13FFF  Code SRAM / cache (16K)

0xFFA0C000 - 0xFFA0FFFF  Reserved

0xFFA08000 - 0xFFA0BFFF  Instruction Bank B SRAM (16K)

0xFFA00000 - 0xFFA07FFF  Instruction Bank A SRAM (32K)