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The lwIP INETD example fails if the FPGA Eval board is connected to the EZ-Kit

Question asked by kaushal Employee on Apr 13, 2009
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The lwIP INETD example works fine when running on  the BF527 Ez-Kit board but
fails during  'startup' code when the FPGA evaluation board is connected via the U connector.

We connect Addr, Data, PPI_data, PPI_CLK,  PPI_FS1 between the two.

The code
appears to fail in 'findmem', which was called  by malloc. This code happens to
be is in SDRAM. As I  step thru the code with the debugger, I can sometimes see
the code itself change (red text) as I single step. It then jumps to an  illegal
instruction and then ends up at the _unknown  exception occurred label

If I  disconnect the ribbon between the Ez-Kit and the FPGA evaluation board, the startup runs 
to 'main', then I reconnect cable, & restart then the app  runs OK.

EBIU bus (Asyn3) area used by FPGA and  PPI.
EBIU and SDRAM registers are default values assigned  by startup code. (no
adjusts on my part)

Ran POST Serial and Parallel example apps with no  problem (dont fail in
startup). Why would lwIP INETD fail in  startup?