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Building a 64-bit custom USB Driver BF525

Question asked by scottdickey1 on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by scottdickey1

I'm creating a custom USB driver for a product using a BF525 using the guidelines from the bulkadi.sys usb driver.  I've customized the INF file and the default bulkusb source files from WINDDK as instructed from the readme under the hostapp example.  I've tested this on Windows XP and it works great.  I'm trying to test the driver on Vista and Windows 7 and it is failing, I'm assuming because I have not built a 64-bit usb driver.  In the ADI folder I find a bulkadi64.sys usb driver, but no instructions on how to actually build a 64 bit usb driver.  I've tried simply building the driver using the command "build -cZ -amd64" but this gives me about 270 errors.