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DSP Mode Audio Interface

Question asked by HaiN on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by HaiN

Hi everyone,


I want to interface a CODEC IC to a DSP's SPORT port using the "DSP Mode".  However, I run into a problem:


  • On the transmit side, the CODEC basically sends one LRCLK clock (8kHz, for example) for the Left and Right Channels (see the attached document)
  • On the receive side, the DSP seems to expect one LRCLK clock for the Left Channel, and another LRCLK clock for the Right Channel.  The diagram shows that 1 frame consists of 2 LRCLK clock pulses.


How can it possibly work?  Is there a way to configure the CODEC and/or DSP so that I can use "DSP Mode" with 8kHz sampling rate and 16 bit for each channel?


Thank you in advance!