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AD9650 SPI test register

Question asked by scott.arlo.anderson on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by PMH

I am trying to determine if my SPI bus for the AD9650 is communicating by executing a simple write/read to a test register.  I am not sure after reading the memory map of the datasheet if all the registers listed in the SPI App note AN877 are implemented in the AD9650.  If yes, I believe 0x19 (USER_PAT1_LSB) would be a good candidate.  If it is not implemented, do you have a suggestion of a good register use for this test?


Inherently, I am having a problem reading on the SPI, so this is a first test to proving I have communication to the AD9650.  But in general, I also need this test capability for my deployed systems.