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What the processor executes when it powered on with jtag connected?

Question asked by Maxim on Mar 12, 2012

I working with a BF-526 ez kit lite board and ice-100B jtag.


Suppose the processor boot mode == sdram. So after power on the processor executes a garbage in the sdram. It could be dangerous for the its  periferal. For example port must work as input, but because of garbage execution port have configured as output. As result a port can be damaged. So other peripheral configurations errors, bad register's values and so on can take place. Therefore to use that boot mode anybody should take care for dram content. But AFAIK that mode also could be used when debugging with JTAG. So if i have connected jtag to the target before the target is powered on, whether jtag will stop a processor immediately after power on or jtag will allow execute a garbage?


Thanks, Maxim