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Framebuffer showing previous applications last frame when starting another application

Question asked by karthikeyan on Mar 12, 2012
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   We tried to run different applications which uses the framebuffer. In other words applications that uses the screen to display something on the screen. We noticed that the last frame of the previous application is still visible for few fraction of seconds while the screen comes up for the next application. We are using uClinux 2011R1RC3 compiled with toolchain 2011R1RC4. I am attaching a video where video_test (the standard display test) was fired at first. Then after closing the video_test by pressing Ctrl+C, we started the fire. Fire is one among the SDL example which is available in the uClinux distro. We have added comments to the video saying what we did. The problem as it will be seen the video is that when the fire application is started, during the initialisation phase of the application the previous frame the video test has set in the frame buffer is still visible.

Is this any problem in the configuration of our uClinux or is there any problem in the framebuffer driver which does not empty the previous frame during the close of the previous application.