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AD2S 1210 Issues

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2012
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I am Joseph currently working on AD2S 1210 device driver develpment.

Micro controller used is TI320F28335.

I am stuck with SPI communication bw TI uc and AD2S. (using EVAL AD2S kit but in stand alone mode)

In UC I have set the Clk polarity to 1(Clk idle is high).and Clk phase to 0(data o/p on falling edge and input on rising edge). Is this configuration right? Currently I am receiving the same content I am sending (ex: for tx-ing 00FF I am getting 0xFFFF) I am trying to read the fault register actually.Though I have configured in 8 bit SPI mode I am receiving 16 bit content !!

Could you please help me on this?