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CRC32 checksum option of ADSP-BF51x

Question asked by nsuzuki Employee on Mar 9, 2012
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ADSP-BF51x provides an initcode and a callback routin in ROM that can be used for CRC32 checksum generation during boot time.

The checksum routine verifies the payload data of the blocks in a LDR file.

I'd like to generate the LDR file enabling this feature with GNU toolchain environment.


In the case of VisualDSP++ environment, it is very easy because the elfloader utility has an option "-crc32 [polynomial]" to generate CRC32 checksum.

But I couldn't find similar option from the option list of the ldr-utils (bfin-uclinux-ldr).


Does anyone know if this feature is available on the ldr-utils or not, and how to enable this on teh ldr-utils?


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