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ADV HDMI repeater application - HDCP authentication issue

Question asked by reshmi on Mar 8, 2012
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I am at Dolby, and we are using ADV HDMI repeater application. I am having issues playing encrypted content. Non encrypted content works fine.


This is the setup I am using: Panasonic Blu ray player  - ADV7612(RX)  - ADV7511(TX) - Samsung (T240HD) monitor.


This is what seems to be going on. The RX (7612) keeps getting AKSV interrupt, and it tries authenticating the whole chain of devices, but by the time the RX has got the BKSV from the TV, it seems to have timed out because of some condition not being satisfied. There are 4 conditions it looks for,


TxHDCP - Number of BKSV,

TxStatus - Encrypted,

TxStatus - Authenticated,

RxState - BKSVswritten.


All 4 somehow dont seem to be true when the setup is as explained above. It does work when the source is a Quantum Data video test generator, after a few tries. But with a blue ray player, it never gets all 4 conditions right at the same time. One or the other condition seems to be false, and the authentication process fails.


At times, I also see the HDCP error interrupt being generated on 7511. I couldn't find any explanation in the datasheet on why this error would be generated, so not sure why that happens.


Any pointers to debug/fix this issue would be helpful.