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EVAL-ADXL345Z-M vs. -S

Question asked by tneagoe on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Kevin.G

There are several eval boards on ADI’s website: For the Inertial Sensor Evaluation System there are two boards: EVAL-ADXL345Z-M (249$) and EVAL-ADXL345Z-S (149$) According to the User Manual, UG-015, the EVAL-ADXL345Z-M contains the EVAL-ADXL345Z-S. See below. Is this right? I just want to know what do I have to order; only the –M version or both? Please advise, Teodor ************************************************************************************* The EVAL-ADXL345Z-M system contains the ISEB and the EVAL-ADXL345Z-S satellite. Also included is a USB A to Mini-B cable to connect the ISEB to a PC and an 18-inch, 20-pin ribbon cable to connect the ISEB to the satellite. A CD is also included with the necessary drivers and executables to use the system and to quickly begin evaluating the ADXL345. **************************************************************************************