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Question asked by dlh on Mar 8, 2012
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The BF51X manual says that the max voltage for VDDINT is 1.47V, however int the VDDINT vs IDD and VDDINT vs fCCLK tables it goes up to 1.5V. For a new revision of a custom board, I would ideally like to run VDDINT at 1.5V as it is easier to sourve a fixed LDO regulator than say 1.4V or 1.45V etc and would therefore cut down on BOM. I guess the question then is 1.5V really outside the safe operating range?


And a related question, is anyone aware of a single chip powering solution or multiple output regulator suitable for powering the BF51X (i.e. supplying 1.4V, 1.8V, 2.5V and possible 3.3V). I have had a browse of Digikey and the 1.4V doesn't seem to be a common voltage for fixed regulators.