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AD8226 Application Suitability - MEMS Accelerometer

Question asked by CRFA on Mar 7, 2012
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I would like to know if the AD8226 is suitable for the following application:


- Accelerometer sensor in a Wheatstone Bridge configuration (Four Varying elements), Excited with 3 Volts. Common mode voltage: 1.5 Volts. Sensitivity: 3 uV/g. Full Scale Output: 60 mV. Output signal frequency range: DC to 10KHz.


- AD8226 with gain set at 23.97 (Rg = 2.15K Ohm). AD8226 Vref set at 1.56 Volts. Supply: 3.3 V. Expected output from AD8226 for the whole signal range: 0.1213 Volts to 2.9986 Volts


I would like to have a resolution of 1 g if possible.


If the AD8226 is not suitable please give me some advise on alternative component.

Thank you