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sampling design issue

Question asked by ferdio on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by PMH

I would like to sample a noise signal (DC to 6Mhz) and analyse it one time. I found this ADC. -AD9280, which samples at 32MSPS. A Fifo could collect a bunch of samples and then a micro controller could process these samples. I need to collect these samples real time in one block. The processing can happen later (milli seconds later and only one time).

In order to sample a 6MHz signal I need to sample at least 15MSPS.

Is this a good way to proceed with this project?



I can buy the HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ board which has fifos and usb conection to PC for analysis but I cannot buy any of the EV boards for the individual ADC's. The chip above, for example-  AD9280-EB, is not in stock anywhere, along with the EV boards for all the ADC's. How can I test these chips?