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BF525 running VDK - Hibernate - System Services - Bootloader

Question asked by nick0mg on Mar 3, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by CraigG

We are building an application using BF525 and are looking at using VDK for the RTOS. I've read a number of Analog VDK documents and I was hoping to clarify a few points;


The proposed setup is BF525 running VDK. With the Application code running ever few seconds for ~50ms, otherwise the Blackfin would be in Hibernate, to achieve minimum power consumptions.


-Engineer-to-Engineer Note EE-334 covers setting up Hibernate to resume within a thread without going through a reset/boot procedure. The note is for BF533, can this also be implemted on BF525?


-Does the VDK include a boot loader, I couldn't quite work this out?


-How difficult is it to integrate VisualDSP System Services Device Drivers with VDK?