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Regarding WUXGA Input with ADV7511

Question asked by csiddharth on Mar 2, 2012
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Please refer the attached block diagram for our use case with ADV7511.   Listed below is the description of our block diagram -

  1. The video out from ASIC# 1 is R,G,B 4:4:4 ; 30bit, 1920x1200 @ 60Hz is inputted to ADV7511.  The PCLK for this video is approx. 157MHz  which is well within the max PCLK Input range of ADV7511.
  2. No color space conversion would be required i.e. the video out at TMDS is going to be in R, G, B 4:4:4 format.
  3. The Video out  from Prysm Board # 1 (via from ADV7511) is fed to Prysm Board#2 and need not be strictly following HDMI standard.  Using a HDMI/DVI receiver, the video out will be fed into ASIC#2.
  4. The video out from HDMI Receiver will be 1920x1200 @ 60Hz, R,G,B 4:4:4 ; 30bit color depth.


Please let me know if there is any issue with the way we want to implement using ADV7511.