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ADV7604 support for 27MHz oscillator

Question asked by JamesL on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by GuenterL

I'm looking at using the ADV7604 in a new design and we use a 27MHz oscillator elsewhere in the design which I would like to buffer and reuse as the reference clock for this part. The description of the Xtal input mentions that it can be 28.63636MHz or 27MHz (e.g. Short form datasheet SpB page 13) however, the HW guide does not list anything other than 28.63636MHz as an option.


The register (IO Map reg 0x04) which has a setting for the clock frequency is described differently in the HW guide and the SW guide.

The HW guide lists only "01" as a valid setting for "XTAL_FREQ_SEL[1:0]" (page 36), whereas the SW guide (page 48) lists the values "00", "01" and "10" as valid, corresponding to 27MHz, 28.63636MHz and 24.576 MHz respectivly. Both of these datasheets are revision F, although the HW guide is more recent and is dated August 2010.


Which one is correct? - Can I use the 27MHz?