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M25P16 Flash linked to SPI interface based on DMA operation Driver

Question asked by zied on Mar 1, 2012
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I'm working on BF592-A DSP. I try to use a M25P16 serial flash. It will be connected to SPI0 interface. I 'm starting by developing my SPI driver based on DMA operation. After verification, I tried to update ADI M25P16 driver provided in //VisualDSP 5.0/Blackfin/Examples/ADSP-BF592 EZ-KIT Lite/Flash Programmer/Serial.

The first challenge is to communicate with flash device. Here I am sure that sent instruction codes are right detected by this part. But there is no response. 

The second challenge is how to change DMA configuration from one direction to another. Here I using HOLD pin.


In ADI flash driver, the developers use, at many times, delays with an empiric period (loop of 300).

It is possible to make this driver with DMA operation.

If someone needs my code to make verification, I can send it only in private.