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Issue with TS201

Question asked by sent888 on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by RChary

We are working on customized board with eight TS201 processors running at clock of 500MHz. The processors are configured for EPROM booting. On switch on the board, one processor goes to hung state. It is not responding to emulator. Remaining processors are booted and starts with application. To diagnose, we accessed the registers of faulty processor from processor with ID0.

We configured Non-working processor's flag0 as output by writting to its flagreg using multi processor address write, but the processor is not driving the output. We confirmed the flagreg gets updated with written value.

We tried to generate vector processor interrupt to Non-working processor's by writting into its VIRPT registers. So before generating the interrupt we set the corresponding bit in IMASK register but the written value is not getting updated in IMASK register. We verified it by reading back the written value from IMASK register.

Can somebody tell why this processor hung immediately after power up.