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ADV7612 Internal Mute status

Question asked by Varun on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by Varun


I'm trying to get I2S audio output working, but for some reason the Internal_MUTE_RAW register (device address 0x98, reg address 0x65 bit 6) keeps returning a 0x40, indicating that the internal mute is active. The chip seems to boot in this state, and I haven't been able to set the right registers to disable the mute. My I2S output is currently non-functional, which is why I suspect this register. What do I need to set in order to clear this? Regs 0x66,0x67,0x68, and 0x69 on the same device address all return 0x00's(all audio mute interrupts are disabled). I am using the EVAL-7612-7511 board, but I've disconnected all lines connecting the 7612 to the 7511 & I'm polling the audio output at the rx/tx junction header J3.