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ADL5511 Cap Selection?

Question asked by l1nk1n on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by enash

Can I use the ADL5511 with various carrier frequency signal?


I want to use the ADL5511 with respond signal of 3.5Mhz impulse signal.

Eventhough the base frequency of the respond signal is 3.5Mhz but we can see several frequencies:2Mhz, 1Mhz, 4Mhz, 5Mhz....


My target respond signals are 3.5Mhz impulse, 5Mhz impulse, 50Khz carrier sine signal and 200Khz carrier sine signal.


Is this advisable, and if so how do I optimize my values for the Filter caps?