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ADV7181C registers

Question asked by Tony.ta1 on Feb 27, 2012
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I'm in the process of writing a microcontroller driver for the ADV7181C, and would appreciate some help. In the manual (Rev C) on page 205, it states:

"All I2C  registers for the parameter in question are written to in order of ascending addresses, e.g. for A_OFFSET[9:0]: write to address 0x77 first, followed by 0x78."

Looking at the register definitions in the user map, it seems that there are parameters (A_OFFSET, B_OFFSET, and C_OFFSET) which overlap from 0x77 thru 0x7A, therefore should all of these registers be written in one sequence only?  Is there a definitive list of registers which have to be programmed in sequence? One of the reasons I ask, is that I have found some typos in the manual, therefore I may misinterpret which registers should be written in sequence.

Another question, is it right to assume, that each sequence *HAS* to be written in one I2C message, IE between a single 'Start' / 'Stop' pair on the I2C bus?

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