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BTC function for BF531

Question asked by mini on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by mini

I am working on the BF531 custom board, and I am trying to use the BTC function.

The BTC function is used for communication between LabVIEW and processor in my application.

But when I am using the BTC, the error comes out, saying:

There were 14745610 (0xE1000A) channels detected in the application currently loader on the processor.

If this is not currect, a possible cause is that the channel map resides in external memory that has not been configured properly.


In the BTC defination:

const u32 g_vdkEnableBtcPollingThread = VDK_JTAG_Debugger;

The variable g_vdkEnableBtcPollingThread controls the BTC process. I attached relevant files. The debug process couldn't proceed because of the proper setting of BTC. How can I fix it? Is this because of the configuration of the custom board?



In the LVDefs_plat.h file, it defines the const u32 g_vdkEnableBtcPollingThread = VDK_JTAG_Debugger;

In the VdkInit_plat.c file, it enables the BTC process, by judging g_vdkEnableBtcPollingThread value.

In the LV_BTC_Update.c, it process the BTC, by btc_poll () function


Thank you for helping me out!~