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AD9949 don't have signals at outputs H1-H4.

Question asked by IvanRusov on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by IvanRusov

Hello everyone.


I use AD9949. But I can't see signals at outputs H1-H4. DOUTs  are presented. I use recommended power-up sequence (see page 25 in datasheet), but I have written next registers values:

reg# => val

0x12 => 0x00

0x12 => 0x01

0x14 => 0x01

0x1A => 0x01

0x40 => 0x01

0x44 => 0xFFFF00

0x11 => 0x01

0x14 => 0x00


How could I see signals at H1-H4? What is a recommended settings for this part? Thank you.