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what's worng with my AD9910,about "PARALLEL DATA PORT MODULATION MODE" phase control?

Question asked by wjwreck on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by JLKeip

hello,I just want control 9910 with Parallel port

1. config CF2 with Parallel port enable,FTW with 240M(CLK-940M),FM gain with 0010, and Txenable and D 10 config 30MHz square wave,F(1.0)=10.then ,power up ,the spectrum illustrate frequency swith between 240MHz and 240+δf,

2.and  i want a signal 240M with 0/pi mod. config CF2 with same data,FTW with 240M,and TX enbale and D15 config 30MHz square wave,F(10)=01,the power up ,nothing output.

who can help me out?

thanks .