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Data logging/BTC issues

Question asked by JG.9872 on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by JG.9872

This may belong more in the VisualDSP++ forum, but I am using a Blackfin, so I apologize if I chose the wrong location.


I am using a BF548m on a custom board, connected with an HPUSB-ICE through VisualDSP++ version 5.0, update 8, and I am having issues trying to use the BTC.  Ultimately I would like to log data coming in on a SPORT from a codec (AD1938) to a file, but I would settle for seeing it in the plot window.  So far, I have added BTC to the project per the instructions in the VDSP++ help, and added a call to btc_write_array() in the DMA interrupt handler for the incoming codec data (48 samples transferred once per ms).  With my application stopped in VDSP++, I add this BTC channel array to the plot window, configure the auto refresh to use the BTC channel (100 ms refresh rate), and select Auto-Refresh from the plot window context menu.  At this point I can see the data show up correctly in the plot, however it also tells me "DSP program doesn't support BTC plotting."  When I run the application from this state, VDSP++ locks up completely, and I have no option but to force close it.  Thinking this may have been a bandwidth issue, I verified my JTAG frequency was 40Hz and tried only calling btc_write_array() once per second, but it still locked up VDSP++ completely.


Similarly, the BTC viewer does not appear as an option in the View->Debug Windows menu.  As mentioned in other topics, I have verified that the BTC manager plugin is enabled, and I have tried deleting/recreating my session several times with no better results.  Are there any other steps to make that window show up?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Thank you.