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RTOS suggestions for BF525 for power optimisation (deep sleep/ hibernate)

Question asked by jimduk on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by PrasanthR


  We have a hand-rolled rtos we are using for a BF524 application, which essentially polls sensors, takes pictures, writes to an SD card, talks USB, and sleeps in-between (hibernate). Power management is critical (need to last for a couple of days)


We have new hardware (BF525, better 5MP sensor) and are revisiting our rtos decision. We could go ucLinux, but are not sure we can boot fast enough from hibernate, and are checking its deep sleep power consumption - we are working on this at present.  There are a whole slew of other RTOS's out there, but does anyone have good suggestions for


- BF525 support

  - SD support (via memory interface EBIU) (FAT32)

  - Either very fast to boot from Serial Flash  (<.05 sec)  or reasonably fast to boot (< .5 sec)  and efficient and fast (< .05 sec) at waking from hibernate or good at managing low power in deep sleep with fast restart


VDK is one choice, ucLinux if we can get it to have low power consumption in deep sleep may be another.


General timescales are - would like to operate for 24 hrs + using < 15% of a 600 maH battery on just 'being alive', with a wake-up every 1 sec.  (other 85% goes into sensing, taking pictures etc.)


Obviously there is not enough full hardware info here to get a definitive answer, but any guidance/ experience welcome