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icc coreb compilation strange behavior stall before run task

Question asked by willrobot on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Smiao

Hi Steven,


while coding,


I realised that my code didn't update. I tried to add coreb debuging logs but they did not apeared when runing like it would be  a previous code. I made sure it was the corect code compiled and even changed the executable and source code name. Still the same problem.


I added back functions that was working before (testFFT and testFIR) and it stall before running   the icc_task_init function



./icc_loader -f -e music_dsp                                      
unhandled program header sm_debug:sm_find_session bits 00000000 localep 0 
1 (6474E551): did you link this application properly?                     
task_init_addr 3c04bd4                                                    
task_exit_addr 3c05494                                                    
sm_debug:table bits1 00000000                                             
sm_debug:table index 0                                                    
sm_debug:table bits2 00000001                                             
sm_debug:create ep index 0 srcep 0 type 2                                 
sm_debug:session 02798828                                                 
sm_debug:sm_send_packet: 0 02798828                                       
sm_debug:alloc buffer 2971400                                             
sm_debug:sm_task_sendmsg msg type 2000000                                 
sm_debug:sm_task_sendmsg init addr03c04bd4                                
sm_debug:sm_send_packet: len 332 type 2000000 dst 1 dstep 5 src 0 srcep 0 
sm_debug:sm_send_message_internal: dst 1 src 0 02000000                   
sm_debug:send message cpu 1 sent 1                                        
COREB: sm_handle_control_message type 2000000                             
COREB: sm_handle_control_message 2000000 2000000                          
COREB: task init 3c04bd4 exit 3c05494                                     
COREB: sm_send_message_internal() dst 0 src 1 2000001                     
sm_debug:sm_find_session bits 00000001 localep 0                          
sm_debug:index 0 ,local ep 0 type 2                                       
sm_debug:session 02798828 index 0 msg type2000001                         
sm_debug:sm_task_recvmsg msg type 2000001                                 
sm_debug:sm_task_recvmsg free 2971400                                     
COREB: finish sm_handle_control_message task status 1                     
COREB: finish1 sm_handle_control_message task status 1                    
COREB: before run task 3c04bd4



I've put the executable in attachement to see if you get the same result has me. Could you tell me what could cause this behavior?


PS: I'm not using anymore the trunk version, I'm using the icc_core that come with the uClinux release 2011R1