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BF533 EZKIT Timer0 PWM mode help

Question asked by Anaheim on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by Anaheim

Hi, I'm currently doing a project using a BF533 EZ Kit regarding FSK signal generation. I need it as the transmitter for my prototype modem. Im currently using Timer0 in PWM mode. Here is the scenario: Let's say that when the pulse is present, the modem generates a sine wave of predetermined frequency. When the pulse is not present, the modem will generate a signal with zero frequency (needed as guard band). I need a bit rate of 62.5 bps. That means i need a period of 0.016s and a pulse that occurs every 0.016s. I'm thinking of making a pulse with 30% duty cycle. How do I modify the TIMER0_PERIOD and TIMER0_WIDTH registers to fit my needs? I tried searching tutorials on google but it just got me confused and I'm just new to DSP and the like. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. - Anaheim