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Calculation of BPF FTW  on AD9789

Question asked by Largou on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by danf

hello together,


the tuning word for the band-pass filter center frequency can be calculated as follows:

f(BPF) =( f(center) *( 2^16-1))/ f(DAC) = Value

DECinHEX(Value) = MSB in 0x1D and LSB in 0x1C.


But this is not true?? When i calculate a Value ex : f(Center)= 450MHz

i found 493D. But intern the AD9789 write another value?

I’m confused?

Can anyone tell me how I can calculate the right Value!

i will not use the AD9789 Evalboard, so i must know the right value to program this register?



Best Regards