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ssync instruction doesn't work

Question asked by Jayanti on Apr 6, 2009
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The ssync; instruction does not seem to work on the Blackfin processors. I have done the following test to prove the issue:

• Write to a location on Asynchronous memory bank 3
• ssync;
• some assembly code
• Read from Asynchronous memory bank 1


This test is done in 2 cases
• X cycles of Write Access time for Async Bank 3
• Y cycles of Write Access time for Async Bank 3 (X > Y)

I probed on AMS3/ and AMS1/ signals, while triggering the scope on the rising edge of AMS3/.

I could see that the time interval between the rising edge of AMS3/ and the falling edge of AMS1/ is not the same in the two cases. The interval is smaller for X WAT case (X>Y). Some instructions seem to get executed while the AMI operation is taking place. Is ssync not doing it's job?