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21489 SPI Interface to AD5663- SPI Frame Delay

Question asked by ahonkan on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by Mitesh

I'm using the 21489 as SPI master to communicate with the AD5663 ADC chip.


The AD5663 chip requires a frame holdoff of 2us between SPI transactions for acquisitions. Is it possible for me to use the STDC field in SPIBAUD and the WTWDEN in SPICTL to introduce this 2us holdoff?  The HRM  r0.3 p 15-17 seems to indicate that this is possible but I have no luck in getting it to work.


My code performs a transfer and waits for the RXS flag to be set before going on to the next transfer.  When I scope out the bus, I'm seeing the SPI CS asserted for the duration between each iteration, rather than the programmed delay.


Here are my spi settings:

SPICTL = 0060528D;

SPIFLG = 00008001;


SPIBAUD = 00A00064;







I've set the delay to 10 just to see any changes but nothing.