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Hibernate and waiting on the RTC, uCLinux

Question asked by nick0mg on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by sonic

With BF526+uCLinux is there a way to enter Hibernate immediately rather than waiting for the RTC second boundary to tick over. I want to use the RTC Alarm for waking up but enter Hibernate mode as quickly as possible? The documents suggest the Blackfin RTC only takes effect after the second boundary has been ticked over, and so that extra second needs waiting before Hibernate can be started.


If this is true, as a work around, would it be possible to - configure SCLK down to 3.3MHz then programme the RTC wake-up, wait for the second to tick over and finally enable Hibernate. With the Blackfin running in low power mode until the second boundary ticks over and Hibernate is activated?