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uclinux,uclibc,bfin and the toolchains.

Question asked by Chunda on Feb 21, 2012
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I am a new bee and have just started learning things. I was going through these things like uClinux, uClibc,bfin, etc...

I will put it in a very simple manner since I am kind of confused.


uClinux: it is a rtos and can be ported on many hardware depending upon the requirement. It can be downloaded and used.


uClibc: it a "C" library baically used for devices that do not have MMU support. It can also be downloaded and used.


bfin: is a processor.


Now my doubt.

1) If I download the uClinux then our micro controller C lib "uClibc" comes by default with it right???

2) If we build the uClinux package that I have downloaded on my x-86 machine and will build on it itself then how come I can dump that on

    bfin (target) because both are having different architectures?

     What my understanding is we have to use some tool chains to cross compile the uClinux that actually fits in our "bfin".

3) The tool chains what we will use to cross compile for the target; where I can find them? I mean the tool chains will come

    with uClinux distro or I have to download them too? I am confused help me.

4) When I was going through the respective sites for uClinux, uClibc and bfin I got confused, because for bfin also we have some

   tool chains. What is any difference between the tools chains bfin and uClinux. I am confused help me.

5) If suppose just for learning sake I did some changes in one of the file in uClibc then again how I will build uClibc and how I will

    put that in uClinux package? Or after changing the source code I will build from the top directory of the uClinux and it will automatically

    takes care of uClibc and build.

6) Also please help me in understanding the flow. Like first we download the uClinux and uClibc comes with it and then we compile/build them

    to produce output (I am not sure toolchains are the o/p of building these packages?)and those are actually the tool chains that will help me

   in cross compiling.


May be these doubts are insane but I get to know them to make myself clear on these things.


Please help with this I am confused and lost.