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AD9389B grade

Question asked by wallman16 on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2012 by mattp

Hi ,


With reference to

AD9x89B_Programming_Guide_RevA.pdf Page 17/87 Table 12.

Could you please let me know the difference between AD9389BBSTZ-80 and AD9389BBSTZ-165.



Main difference between -85 and -165 is only the Maximum sampling rate to the Maximum input clock  .

If so in case of

AD9389BBSTZ-80 ID3- ID6

AD9389BBSTZ-165 ID0-ID2

Output Pin according to Table 13 - Table 19



Due to difficulty of getting it we are using both AD9389BBSTZ-80 and AD9389BBSTZ-165 in a mixture .

Please let me know if we want to use AD9389BBSTZ-165 as AD9389BBSTZ-80 for same working will selecting ID3 - ID6 do.

Please let me know if we need to take care of anything else .


We are planning to replace AD9389BBSTZ-80 with AD9389BBSTZ-165


Thanking you

With best regards and wishes