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ADV7183 and QVGA (320*240 pixels)

Question asked by KXJ on Feb 20, 2012
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I have a product setup to capture VGA size images (720*480 pixels) from ADV7183 in CCIR format. My target DSP is a bf548. It is all working well and great with help of using diverse application notes and examples. My circuit is a true copy of ezkit bf548 attached to A-V EZ-Extender card.

Now I want to be able to get QVGA (320*240 pixels) instead. I can see that this is possible using e.g. uclinux distribution running ffmpeg etc. What I cannot find any information about is how is QVGA created using the ADV7183. Can the ADV7183 be setup to deliver QVGA images instead of VGA images or is it simply a QVGA window in the full VGA image received on the PPI port, or is it a scaling routine in the DSP down sampling the image to QVGA?



No matter how it is done, could any one provide me with input to re-configure my system to capture/treat QVGA instead of VGA?



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