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AD8054 Bessel filter for 14Mhz in Sallen key topology

Question asked by SRV on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by harryh



I am using AD8054 in sallen key topology for designing a 6th pole bessel filter. The cut-off frequency of the  designed Bessel filter is 14MHz.


We have simulated the circuit using Multisim and observed a cutoff of 14Mhz. However the same circuit on the PCB we get a cutoff of 7Mhz.


I am attaching the schematics of the same, can anybody clarify as to why a cut-off of 7Mhz is observed?


What should i do  to achive a cut off of 14Mhz, kindly advise.