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AD9513 input

Question asked by fvazquez on Feb 19, 2012
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I would like to use the AD9513 CLK input as single-ended, however, according to the datasheet: "the input level should be 150mVpp to no more than 2Vpp. Anything greater can result in turning on the protection diodes on the input pins".


My question is the following, which kind of TCXO can I use to provide a 40MHz clock input to the AD9513? one with clipped sine output (0.8Vpp), or one with 3.3V LVCMOS output? I would like to make a direct connection betwen the TCXO and the AD9513. Theoretically, the CMOS solution does not fit within the 2Vpp limit. On the other hand, what about clipped sine, won't I have jitter problems due to slew rate requirements at the AD9513 input?


Thanks in advance.