[Bug Report] 8 chan cross-mixer does not grow correctly

Discussion created by ggilles on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2012 by Natan

When growing an 8 chan cross-mixer, the gains don't behave properly.

For other cross-mixers (2 channels and 3 channels), each column of gains represents the combination of signal inputs that the corresponding output will get. For example, if all gains in column 2 are set to -100dB, output 2 will have nearly no signal.


This is not true for 8 channel mixers. What happens is this: for output N, the signal will be: (what is normally expected) + all signals of previous  the  columns/output.

Here is an example: only gain 1 of column 1 is at 0dB, but the signal on output 2 is the same as on output 1.


I also attach the dspproj file demonstrating the issue.




PS: I use the latest SigmaStudio (3.5) on a up-to-date windows XP SP3.