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Question asked by punitha on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by punitha

Iam using HSC_ADC_EVALC  for AD9640. The FPGA configuration went well with the board. Now I wanted to program via EEPROM.

There is no EEPROM on the board, so I soldered it. Now Iam facing problems in  programming through JTAG. Iam neither able to program the EEPROM nor the FPGA. There seems to be somehting going wrong i nthe JTAG chain.  The  IMPACT program freezes when I try to program the EEPROM and it does not identify the FPGA anymore.  The documentation does not give any details about this.  Does the board requires any desoldering of components after putting the EEPROM on the board?. There is a resitor R80 , for which nothing is found inthe documentation. ?

Should I remove it? How can I solve the problem. A quick reply is highly appriciated.