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AD8099 simple inverter amplifier

Question asked by mostafanfs on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by charlyelkhoury

Hi there

I have attached a multisim simulation of a simple inverter amplifier using AD8099 (exatly according to AD8099 datasheet. Figure 60  Amplifier Configuration for SOIC Package, Gain = –1 ) which only works in simulation not in real world.  Input is a PWM signal with 100uS Period and 10uS Pulse Width. What would you think ?

This is a part of a level shifter. I think it has problem with Disable pin. Even if I leave it non connected. The problem is that output is not inverted of input when Disable pin is not connected to anywhere. And if I connect Disable Pin to VCC , inverted problem solve but output has a phase !!