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ADL5322's nemesis?

Question asked by Adam.Rudzinski on Feb 17, 2012
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I have a problem with frequent failures of ADL5322 in one of my designs.

I try to identify their cause and I would like to ask if anyone knows what

are the damage risks that ADL5322 is the most sensitive to.


I suspect either too high temperature or "spikes" induced in the power supply

(but perhaps I miss something else), so [now] I am mostly interested in:

1) What is the actual temperature in which ADL5322 will get damaged?

(datasheet says the "round" 85 Celsius deg.)

2) How high voltage destroys this chip?

(datasheet says the limit is 6V, but I have seen it work well

in a design where it got 6,5V every start)


If you have any experience with that, please, let me know.


best regards,