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HPUSB ICE Not connecting, Driver W7 64

Question asked by dlh on Feb 16, 2012
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My HPUSB is giving me some grief. I can no longer connect to a session with the 533 or 561 ezkits that I have. I have tried deleting the sessions, the debug agents on the ezkits are not connected etc.


I looked under device manager (using Windows 7 64 bit, VDSP 5 Update 10) and there is a yellow exclamation mark. I tried uninstalling the driver etc but when reinstalling it still says that it hasn't installed correctly, complains about not being signed.


I don't have another windows computer to test the HPUSB on and I don't have the exact error code with me as I am currently at work.


Any suggestions on how to fix the driver? Would this definitely be the cause of the error? A little concerned of its reliability considering the cost.