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U-BOOT >bfin prompt 'u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5'

Question asked by nick0mg on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2012 by Aaronwu

After loading the latest u-boot release, u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5 on BF526-EZBRD I don't get the >bfin prompt. I'm using the documented commands, is there a step I am missing? Output below.

SW1 is set to 8, the UART loopback jumper is removed and I'm using an USB to RS232 serial cable.


I also have a couple of questions if anyone can help.


-After U-Boot is loaded and the board reset, should U-BOOT respond to a Kermit connection with the bfin prompt?


-I want to boot out of SPI flash, after loading the u-boot SPI image is the UART enabled for TFTP kernal download?


sudo ./bfin-uclinux-ldr -l /home/nick/auto/2011R1-tar/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2011R1-RC5/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0 && kermit -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 57600 -C connect


nick@nick-uCLinux:/$ sudo ./bfin-uclinux-ldr -l /home/nick/auto/2011R1-tar/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2011R1-RC5/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0 && kermit -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 57600 -C connect

sudo: ./bfin-uclinux-ldr: command not found

nick@nick-uCLinux:/$ bfin-uclinux-ldr -l /home/nick/auto/2011R1-tar/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2011R1-RC5/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5.ldr /dev/ttyUSB0 && kermit -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 57600 -C connect

Loading LDR /home/nick/auto/2011R1-tar/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-2011R1-RC5/u-boot-bf526-ezbrd-uart-2011R1-RC5.ldr ... OK!

Removing stale lock '//var/lock/LCK..ttyUSB0'

Opening /dev/ttyUSB0 ... OK!

Configuring terminal I/O ... OK!

Trying to send autobaud ... OK!

Trying to read autobaud ... OK!

Checking autobaud ... OK!

Autobaud result: 115200bps 36.864mhz (header:0xBF DLL:0x14 DLH:0x00 fin:0x00)

Sending blocks of DXE 1 ... [21/21] (100%)[board said: �]

[board said: ���怘�ff� �����`  x]

[board said:  �  `����  ���� �f��  �`fx  ��  ]

[board said: ��� x��x]

[board said: f x]

[board said: 怘� �� �� x� �]

[board said:  �� x]

[board said:   ~�  �` ~]

[board said: �����x������f�� �����f ���� �x�]

[board said: �怘�  ��� ���~]

[board said:  fx�   ]

[board said: �� ~ff��    �  ��f��� f]

[board said:    ` � f� f���]

[board said: x]

[board said:  � �� �� �` � f� f��]

[board said: �������]

[board said: ����f���~  xf�x f~��` ����xf� ������f]

[board said: ��`f���怘������    ��fx f�  �怘���f ~�]

[board said:    ��fx f�  �怘�f�����~]

[board said: 怘���~ ` �~]


You may want to run minicom or kermit now

Quick tip: run 'ldr <ldr> <devspec> && minicom'

Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0, speed 57600

Escape character: Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS): enabled

Type the escape character followed by C to get back,

or followed by ? to see other options.


x � �� � ����`fx  ~ ~����f��f ~�� ~�� x`��fx ��  x�xx      x  ~  ���