[Bug Report] Example

Discussion created by BrettG on Feb 16, 2012

Since there is no public database for reporting SigmaStudio bugs, please post any bug reports you may have on the EngineerZone forum. Please make a new thread for each issue.


In the subject line for the discussion, start with the words [Bug Report] (in square brackets), and then make a brief name for the bug. In this example, I named the discussion [Bug Report] Example. You could, for example, make a topic called [Bug Report] Filter Response Error.


Include the following information in your post:


Title: Brief name of the issue (include this in the subject line)

Description: A detailed summary of the issue, including instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and any other relevant information or project files.

SigmaStudio Version: The current version of SigmaStudio you are using.

OS: Your operating system, including service packs. Please also let us know if you are using an international localized version of Windows.


When the bug is fixed, I will change the subject line to [Bug Report] [FIXED] so other users will be aware of the update.


Please tag your post with "SigmaStudio" and "bug_report" using the Tags section on the posting page.