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Question asked by jen on Feb 16, 2012
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I have an ADXL345 accelerometer and need to change the range to +/- 16g. I have downloaded the ARMSWD program and KEIL and the 'sample project' however so far I can't change the range.


In the 'sample project' the DevBoard project referred to in the User Guide does not exist. I found a uvision project called datalogger, but that does not work/build as a file called datalogger.AXF is missing.


I have no experience with micro controller program and really just want to use the accelerometer to collect data up to +/- 16gs.


I have emailed technical support but have had no response. I really urgently need to use this!


Is there not just a hex file I can use where the range is already changed? Or a uvision project that works and I just need to change it?


Any help greatly appreciated.