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ADuC7060 interrupt problem

Question asked by bills on Feb 15, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by bills

The main issue that I am trying to debug is that I cannot get interrupt handlers to work. I have been able to successfully use code with the blocking statement:


However, the interrupt handler seems to never get called. I have looked at several of the examples which use interrupts and none seem to work on my eval board.


The interrupt handler for the UART-IRQ example looks like:


void IRQ_Handler(void) __irq


    unsigned long IRQSTATUS = 0;

    unsigned char ucCOMIID0 = 0;


    IRQSTATUS = IRQSTA;       // Read off IRQSTA register

    ucCOMIID0 = COMIID0;   // Read the UART IRQ ID register

    if ((IRQSTATUS & BIT11) == BIT11)    //UART interrupt source


        if ((ucCOMIID0 & 0x2) == 0x2)      // Transmit buffer empty


           ucTxBufferEmpty = 1;


        if ((ucCOMIID0 & 0x1) == 0x1)      // Receive buffer Full     


            ucRxChar = COMRX;              // read COMRX register

            bSendResultToUART = 1;          // Set flag to return a string to the PC




In this example the IC is supposed to send "Waiting for byte from PC" when it starts. Instead the IC sends "W" and then gets stuck in the while(ucTxBufferEmpty==0) loop, unless I use while(IRQSTA==0), bypassing the handler.


The irq_arm.c file also has an IRQ_Handler() function that has been commented out. Un-commenting this block only causes the program not to complile.